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Retirement Planning for Individuals Over Age 50  

Create an Income for Life and Live the Life You've Worked Hard For!

"Retirement is essentially an income challenge, and the true test
is how do you use a lifetime of savings to produce a growing
stream of income for the rest of your life?" --Joe DiSalvo, ChFC, AIF

There is a new paradigm for the Baby Boomer Generation and the generations that follow. With the pensions of the past being few and far between, a retiree is now tasked with using their savings to create a growing stream of tax efficient income for life.  This creates more moving pieces in retirement than ever before and calls for developing a plan that will ensure you invest and draw on your various resources by design as opposed to by default.  The proper management of your investments along with how you strategically blend income streams (which means, where you take money from and when) will drive the amount of taxes you pay, the longevity of your portfolio and the income you receive. 

This is why we offer a unique service for pre-retirees and recent retirees who are looking to partner with a professional team to help them coordinate their income, investment and tax-efficient withdrawal strategies.

Our mission is to provide the best path towards a financially sound and enjoyable retirement.

How Do I Know if I'm a Good Fit?

We are retirement planning professionals and provide the greatest value to:

  1. Individuals over age 50 who are retired or want to know they have the ability to retire one day.
  2. Diligent savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $750,000 or more. (Excluding real estate.)
  3. People who want to become empowered to make educated decisions regarding their retirement planning and investment management while partnering with a professional team to implement the plan, allowing them to spend time on things that matter most to them.

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How We Work

Income: We help turn your nest egg into a reliable income stream and take into consideration your other sources of income such as Social Security, Pensions, Required Minimum Distributions, and more

Investments:  We help you determine an investment strategy that is goal and planning oriented.  We pay attention to the most important investment principles, based on fact-based academic research throughout the decades and help you manage the five unique risks to a retiree.

Taxes: Without careful planning and coordination, it's very possible to have a higher tax bill in retirement than as a working professional. Our tax-aware investment and withdrawal strategies aim to help keep taxes low today and through retirement.

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Our Values

We sit on our clients' side of the table and have a fiduciary responsibility to act in their best interests. We believe this leads to fewer inherent conflicts of interests and allows us to provide more comprehensive advice. We are solely concerned with assisting our clients in meeting life goals through prudent management of their financial resources. 

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Introductory Clients

Introductory Clients

Retirement is essentially an income challenge:  how do you take savings and convert it into a sustainable income for life?  Our Income for Life Audit Package is the development of a plan that will help you think through how best to maximize all sources of income and structure your investments in a concerted effort to best produce a growing stream of income for the rest of your life and pursue your unique retirement goals!

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Investment Advisory Clients

Investment Advisory Clients

For those seeking professional knowledge, seasoned advisors and on-going support to align their investment strategy with their retirement income and financial life goals. These clients see the value in partnering with an experienced Advisory team to design, implement and manage an investment strategy as well as create, implement and monitor a sustainable retirement income plan.

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<p>Retiring the 4% Rule</p>

Retiring the 4% Rule

A portfolio created with your long-term objectives in mind is crucial as you pursue your dream retirement.
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<p>A Brief History of Estate Taxes</p>

A Brief History of Estate Taxes

Federal estate taxes have long since been a lucrative source of funding for the federal government.
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<p>A Look at Diversification</p>

A Look at Diversification

Diversification is an investment principle designed to manage risk, but it can't prevent against a loss.
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