Financial Life Planning

Financial life planning is a holistic process that leads our clients step-by-step to uncovering and discovering what is most important to them in life and what will bring true happiness now and in retirement. In addition to setting meaningful goals, the process helps raise awareness of financial beliefs and decision-making habits, so that our clients can focus on the best choices and decisions for themselves going forward as they move through various life transitions.

At Quest Capital & Risk Management, we integrate coaching and financial planning to discover our clients’ most essential aspirations.We then develop a financial plan that sets them on the quest to live the most fulfilled lives as possible. We want to know about our clients’ life experiences and their needs, concerns, and aspirations so we can make a strategic plan that directs them toward their desired future.

Our financial life planning process involves five key steps:

  1. Explore: In the first stage of establishing a relationship with our clients, we begin by exploring their needs, concerns, and aspirations. We provide information and describe the financial life planning process so that they have clear expectations.
  2. Engage: We then listen to our clients’ perspective about their current state of affairs – their passions, their families, their health, their finances, and more. We help clarify priorities and identify true values.
  3. Envision: Once we understand our clients’ unique frame of reference, we work together to create a vision of their ideal lives and establish guidelines for developing a financial plan that aligns with their values and priorities.
  4. Enlighten: Our team then clarifies insights and knowledge about the values and priorities that have been outlined and demonstrates how the proposed financial solutions can support them.
  5. Empower: In the final stage, we monitor clients’ progress and help them maintain focus on their personal and financial goals. We also periodically review their life vision to address any new areas of concern or transitions and to ensure that their financial plan continues to support their needs. 

Our team views ourselves as a “life vision” firm because we have designed our discovery and financial planning processes around an intense focus on helping clients think about how they can best spend their time and money to live more meaningful lives. Our clients are highly engaged, especially within their communities and rely on our expertise to learn how they can leverage their unique life experiences, talents and resources for the good of helping others

We want to help our clients have their personal, meaningful goals drive their empowered decisions about the future.

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