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Our Approach

We at Quest Capital & Risk Management, Inc. know that the transition into retirement is one of the biggest life changes our clients will experience.  Baby Boomers in general are anxious about their financial security in retirement:  will I outlive my money?  Will I become a burden to my family?   How best can I use my savings to create an income that will support my ongoing needs?

Though many pre- and recent retirees understand that the financial market impacts their security, most are not aware of the basics or fundamentals of investing.  There tends to be a void between this generation and our industry: most advisors aren’t addressing the fear and Boomers become stuck, putting off important decisions that impact their daily living and futures.

We recognize that when we help clients become clear about what their retirement can look like, from helping them think through their cash flow needs, life goals that require money, and provide fact-based education around the most important investment principles they need to know to be a successful investor, they become an empowered partner in developing an investment and income strategy that leads to actionable solutions that enhances their quality of life in retirement.

At Quest Capital, we believe addressing pre-retirees and recent retirees concerns around “how do I create a growing stream of income that I can’t outlive?”, and “Am I doing the right things today with my money in order to have the future I desire?”, will help to eradicate financial insecurity—which leads to the ability to pursue life’s most important freedoms:  the freedom of time, freedom of relationship and freedom of purpose!