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Our Approach

At Quest Capital, we know that where you can make the most impact to your financial well-being in retirement is through the proper coordination of the three legs of the Retirement Planning Stool. 

This is a new paradigm for the Baby Boomer Generation and the generations that follow. With the pensions of the past being few and far between, a retiree is now tasked with using their savings to create a growing stream of income that they cannot outlive.  This creates more moving pieces in retirement than ever before and calls for developing a plan that will ensure you invest and draw on your various resources by design as opposed to default.  The proper management of your investments along with how you strategically blend income streams (which means, where you take money from and when) will drive the amount of taxes you pay, the longevity of your portfolio and the income you receive. 

This is why we offer a unique service for pre-retirees and recent retirees who are looking to partner with a professional team to help them coordinate their income, investment and tax-efficient withdrawal strategies.

How We Work

How We Work

Income: We help turn your nest egg into a reliable income stream and take into consideration your other sources of income such as Social Security, Pensions, Required Minimum Distributions, and more

Investments:  Our portfolios are carefully designed to help retirement investors reduce risk, improve returns and create a reliable income stream.  Our approach is backed by decades of academic research. As a Fiduciary, our job is to make investment decisions that are in your best interest; this means ignoring the daily headlines and sticking with evidence-based solutions.

Taxes: Without careful planning, it's very possible to have a higher tax bill in retirement than as a working professional.  Our tax-aware investment and withdrawal strategies aim to help keep taxes low today and through retirement.

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How Do I Know if I'm a Good Fit?

We are retirement planning professionals and provide the greatest value to:

  1. Individuals over age 50 who are retired or want to know they have the ability to retire one day.
  2. Diligent savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $750,000 or more. (Excluding real estate.)
  3. People who want to delegate retirement planning and investment management to an expert so they can spend time on things that matter most to them.