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Our Investment Philosophy

At Quest Capital & Risk Management, Inc., we believe that being able to articulate an overall investment philosophy is important.  We would like to share ours as it pertains to our own money values:

  1. Any investment strategy should be goal and planning oriented.  Meaning, we will not invest with the sole intention of beating the markets; in fact, we believe that this will cause more harm than gain. We will only invest within the context of a well-thought out investment and income plan.
  2. We believe that being committed to a plan, regardless of market highs or lows, will build wealth over long time horizons and will best help you accomplish your most important life goals.
  3. We embrace the KISS formula:  Keep it Simple Stupid.  We will never invest in something we don’t fully understand or something we aren’t willing to put our own personal money into.  We will never invest in something without clearly understanding what the performance may look like in extreme market downturns.  And we will never pay for illusions—todays next big thing tends to become tomorrow’s biggest loser.
  4. Paying attention to the most important investment principles, based on fact-based academic research throughout the decades, is the only thing that matters.  Providing education to clients around Asset Allocation, proper expectations and behavior, diversification, rebalancing/reallocating, buckets and time in the market will help them become successful investors and empowered partners in developing a unique investment and income strategy that aligns with their deeply held values and life goals.
  5. There are some things we are willing to pay for and somethings we are not.  That being said, we are big proponents of index funds wherever appropriate:  less cost, less risk, less tax and better performance over time.

We would love to help you develop and articulate your own investment philosophy and income plan.  To begin, learn more about our introductory Retirement Income Audit package for Introductory Clients.